9 Ways To Get Over Breakup & Rediscover Yourself


Are you going through a breakup right now? If true, buckle up! There is not better time than this to rebrand yourself completely into a new person or the person that you always wanted to be.

No, I am not just being too positive about it, erm, let me tell you, it sucks to go through a breakup, right? Yes, I know! It is not easy to lose some one whom you thought are so consistent in your life. But it’s okay. You don’t have to dwell on the same person when you have the best version of yourself is waiting.

All the trash suggestions you read on the internet like staying all the time, eating chocolates, crying and others doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

I am writing this blog with some practical suggestions, beneficial ways to get over a heartbreak and start your life again. Read on!


Rediscover Yourself After Breakup

Write a hate email to your ex: Here is the catch about writing a hate email to your ex. Write it but don’t send it. The whole point of doing this is to not to send the letter/email but to do a ceremonial burning to get rid of the toxic energy penetrated in your caused by the relationship.

Eat alone: It doesn’t matter if you actually go out and have your favorite food eat at home, but eat alone, in silence. This silence is going be your companion and helps you with healing you. Trust me, this helps a lot in the recovery process.

Sign up for a martial arts class: Join a martial arts class for a while. Because, you know, sometimes, you need to find a place to divert your toxic and negative thoughts to come over a breakup. If you join a boxing class or a fighting class, punching the bags out with energy is something that helps you relieving the stress of a breakup.

Block them on Fcebook/Instagram/Snapchat: Social media accounts of your ex drag you to check their profiles again and again. To block this temptation, just block their profiles on all the websites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. By doing this, you don’t have to stress over on whether your ex has checked your profile or not, or you won’t have that temptation on checking their profiles.

Stop talking about your ex too much: Of course, it feels great to do a lot of trash talk about your ex at your friends, but, that’s a drug. Don’t rely on it to get over your breakup, it is not going to help you in the long run. Always remember that your health and happiness should never be contingent on someone else’s pain and suffering.

If they offer to be friends with you again, DON’T!: This might be very tempting to you when your ex offers relationship with you again in the form of being ‘friends’. It is another trap of toxic relationship. It is an impulse situation because you don’t want to look like you care too much about the breakup.

During this awkward breaking-up period, it is hard to be friends with the same person again. Generally, when a person offers you a friendship, it is hard to tell whether you will be able to be friends with them again. At this stage of a relationship, it is important to not to admit your defeat by staying friends with them. You are only welcoming an extension of relationship problems and nothing else. So, think about it.

Spend more time outside: This sounds likes a cliché option, but dear, you need more fresh air and for that, you need to spend a lot of time outside (Not recommended if you are living or residing in Delhi :p). Having vitamin D is important to your body and it is one of components that stops you from depression. Consider spending at least two hours each day and interact with the public outside and have a walk.

Rely on your friends. It is OKAY!: Understand that this is not a new phase and you can expect everyone to understand you and it is okay to rely on your friends to come out of this toxic phase. Hard breakups can make the strongest people feel like they are not worthy at all. You need to get over this.


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