How To Stay Motivated (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It)


We often feel we are not motivated enough to do the work we are supposed to do. While the fact is, the fuel for motivation lies within us, within the deadlines, within the emergencies we have. Having said that, it is not easy to stay motivated all the time. Blame procrastination, it is always there for us to pull back and delay the tasks.

Here, in this article, I am going to share my thoughts on how to stay motivated even when you don’t feel like it.

Let me take you first to the important three steps in motivation. You can call them motivation exercise. Follow what you read here. 🙂


Step 1:Start with planning your tasks. If you find it hard to notice everything down in pen, you have plenty of applications like wunderlist, todoist, Keep Note etc. You don’t really need motivation to plan things, really. Let me take my example and explain. My morning routine starts with looking at my note sheet on what tasks I have finished the other day and what is pending. I strike off the points that are over and whatever is unfinished, it will be by priority for today. Doing this is very easy and interesting.

The most important part in the first step is starting what’s in my mind. If you are not motivated here in the beginning, you will find it hard to continue your tasks later on. Preparation of plan is important anywhere.

Step 2: Implement what you have written/planned.

This simply means, your routine should get you moving you towards what you had planned. This is where you have to be mentally prepared. Mentally trained brain often lacks physical movement and it leads to delay which further leads you to demotivate and be depressed. So, move! Step by step.

The point here is, if you physically moving and engaged with your tasks, then you are probably mentally organized which is a good sign.

Make sure you routine is easy to start and should gradually get change into more and more physical movement. Your further movements will be followed by your physical movement. Note that physical movement doesn’t mean exercising alone.

Step 3: Follow the same pattern every single time

This is the prime purpose of your pre-plan of your daily routine. This is to create a series of events that helps you always perform for every task you do every day. This preparation helps you to be prepared mentally.

This flow is what helps the successful people in business and athletes in their journey. Even the performers when they are in the zone of mental health, they are so focused on the task and the rest of the things just fade away.

How to read to peak motivation?

When something is working good for us, we feel like we are at the peaks of the motivation circle. This stage is achieved where you are more goal driven to continue the tasks that you are working on!

In many ways, we could describe flow as your state of peak motivation. You would be hard-pressed to find a state where you are more driven to continue the task you are working on. Speaking of peak motivation and performance. one of the keys of reaching to flow that state is that, you get an immediate feedback about your performance and how you are doing at each step.

Measurement of your performance is a key factor in motivation. Keep looking back every now and then at your plans and your journey. Immediate feedback and the actions you take to rectify the mistakes are the two most critical keys of peak motivation.

Your Mind is a Suggestion Engine

Your mind is full of suggestions. Consider every thought of yours as a recommendation or suggestion and try implementing it. You don’t have to look here and there for suggestions and recommendations. They will come in a big flow as you keep working on your daily tasks and works as you plan.

Note that none of the suggestions that you mind passes on to you is not an order. Consider them as the options and you have the power on which one to choose and which one to follow.

Discomfort Is Temporary

Comfort zone is permanent, but discomfort is temporary. Discomforts like your work will be finished in an hour or two. Your daily tasks will not take away a lot of time of yours if you plan accordingly. The report you prepare will be typed to completion by tomorrow morning.

With the time we are living in, life has become easier much better than it was hundreds of years ago. The humans have come a long way since the evolution. In today’s society, if you don’t leave procrastination and don’t build your own house, you won’t survive for longer.To stay perpetually motivated, keep a flow of things going all the time.


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