Life Hacks That Help Gain Advantage In Social Situations


Life hacks! Everyone loves them for a reason, which is, it makes our lives a lot easier. There are a lot of proven life hacks that help gain advantage in social situations. In this blog, I am going to write about some of the best life hacks and to begin with, here are some of the psychological hacks that make your social life easier.

Without making further delay, let’s dive into the key points.


Chew a Chewing Gum if you get nervous

Trust me or not, chewing gum in your mouth brings a lot of relief to your brain when you are nervous or when you are in an uncomfortable situation.

The reason why this trick works is, you brain is tricked into believing that if you are in danger, then you wouldn’t be chewing anything. So, in contrary to this belief, when you start chewing, you will be normal and handle the situation smoothly.

Look at people’s feet while approaching them


If you want to get the attention of a group of people who are already having a conversation, look particularly at their feet. If you notice they turn their torso toward you but keep their feet at the same place, they are interrupted by you. And if they turn their body towards you, then you are good to go and start talking.

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Stay calm when someone is angry at you

The best way to handle the situation where someone is angry at you is by staying calm. The moment you stop responding and stay calm, wait for them to cool down and allow them to interrupt their silence. Thereafter, no matter what s/he says, they’ll feel guilty late on.

Assume comfort in any situation

In case you are in a meeting with someone new, behave like you know them since a long time and try being comfortable with them as much as you can. Try this and you will be surprised to see how well this goes. This hack makes people to show interest in you and they may even start liking you.

Want to hear a complete answer from someone?

If you are expecting a complete answer from someone, then start talking after they stop talking about a particular topic. Stay calm at this moment when they finish talking. If it is all good, they will start talking about the issue again. Many researches recommend that people will reveal more information than they were going to when they talk for the first time.

Fake it, till you make it!!

Oh yes! Understand that you become what you believe. If you think you are a successful person, you will be! If you think you are beautiful, then you absolutely are! If you believe you are confident, you will be with full of confidence.

Refer to people by their names

This is some serious skill. To most of the people, their name is one of nicest and sweetest things they can hear. It is a good thing to call people by their names and calling them with name makes them feel special about themselves. Also, it helps in establishing a trust and friendship right away.

Avoid someone’s wrath by sitting next to them

The best way to remove anger on someone physically distant from you is by sitting right next to them.When the steam of anger is coming from the side of your boss or your partner, then try taking the control of the situation by sitting right next to them. It is a lot easier to calm the wrath down to remove the anger on someone physically.

Asking more questions makes you likeable

Being charismatic is not a mysterious gift. To be more charismatic, all you have to do is to ask more questions. This is why interviewers make the candidates comfortable by asking many questions about them. Or if you are an aspiring candidate, as your interviewer as many questions about what they do for work and listen to them keenly. Doing this makes them leave the interview with a good mood as they talk about themselves a lot.
Utilize the door-in-the-face effect

The door-in-the-face is the contrary of the idea of getting your food in the door by warning up the other person of the other party with a small request. In many situations, it is recommendable to make an unrealistically large request in the beginning. It will be quite obvious that the other party will say no and feel bad about it. This is the best way to get a yes from the other party and it is one of the best life hacks.

Don’t spill the beans

When you are going to start something new, or going to start something new, DO NOT SHARE with others. Psychologists say that sharing about the stuff that you are going to do demotivates you and you won’t be able to what you have planned to do. So, don’t spill the beans, let your work talk about you is one of the life hacks one should learn.


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