8 Make Up Tips For Office That Always Work


When it comes to the latest trends of make up, there is a comfort in knowing what already proven and works – and one can easily find out what is hype and what really works. As an observer who hovers around the internet, I have gathered 8 make up tips for office that always work.

The part is that they are all tried and tested. You can count on these tips as your DIY routine. Without making any further delay, let us dive in!

1. Start fresh

Successful make up starts when you are prepared afresh. You can start after washing, moisturizing your face. This can be started with a combination of warm water, any cream of your choice, facial massage, serum or oil can get the things done by plumping lines.

This means, you can whatever you want in the name of make up before you start for work, but make sure you are completely fresh. To put it simple, you can’t wash the face post make up and check messages, do online shopping and pick your phone and leave.

2. Do eye makeup before face makeup

This is important. Also, this is a smart mess-free order. There is no need to worry about the powder shadow fallout on the cheeks or under-eyeliner smears that need a complete redo.

Preparing your lids with a cream in the beginning keeps the eye fresh and guarantees a smoother look.

3. Brown or black gel-pencil liner powers up eyes

Let’s discuss more on eyes. You can use more of pigmented kohl pencils as they are not messy compare to that of brush-on gels. Adding to that, they are more flattering than markers. These waterproof liners recreate good looking eyes.

To apply this, look in the mirror, raise your chin and sketch along the base of the upper lid in back-and-forth movements. Start applying this at the very outer eye that can work towards the tear duct. Midst doing all this, get close to the lash roots to fill those gaps.

4. Splurge on a curler, but scrimp on black mascara 

Work on a qualify curler – in the likes of Kevyn Aucoin, Shiseido or Bobbi Brown that won’t pinch, crimp or break thin, dry lashes which can last for years. The way you do it depends all in the shape, hinge and padding. This can be achieved by positioning the open curler close to the base. This can last for years.

To do this in a better way, apply by going for low-cost drugstore like the pros do. There is not need to spend more bucks since you are tossing and renewing it as frequent as for every three months.

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5. Use neutral shadows to accent eyes

Natural hues work as warm tones for dark eyes, cool tones for light eyes and it never fails. There is really no need to do the whole deal on contour. However, to keep that pale, keep it shimmery shadow on lids that can add sparkle to the tired eyes.

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6. Do your brows

Do your brows as part of make up tips. Make the effort to the fill, groom them combined. Achieve this by keeping it natural, use a brow pencil, feathery strokes following the direction of hair growth.

Once you are done with this, fill in the sparse areas with powder that can cling to the pencil base. This can be achieved by using a spiral brush.

7. Go for glow and brightness, not coverage

This is an important point here. Face make up restores the radiance and gives a healthy look. You can do it by going for shade warmer or more golden instead of a perfect match that can counteract sallow, pasty, ashy skin. Next, use the foundation with luminous to reflect light-reflecting technology that can give complexion an incandescent bloom – like swallowing a light bulb.

Just in case if you are thinking about all that matte, high-definition, powder, total coverage or long-wear face products, you can forget them for good.

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8. Use makeup brushes

To keep your skin glow at work, remember that a mature skin is textured with expression lines, tiny eye crinkles and bits of brown, blue or red discolorations. Many do not reveal this, but even celebrities have them. This is why they use photoshop for. Heavy coverage fools no one and in real life, it only looks caked or faked. This silky synthetic brshes make the makeup look the skin-authentic. A foundation brush can prevent the makeup from settling in crevices and corners.

Do you use any of these tips already? If yes, do let us know in the comments. If you get to use any of these tips, do let know in the comments section too. In other words, do comment and share this article and let know what you think about this article. 🙂

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