Social Psychology Hacks To Use In Your Business


I recently caught up with many answers on Quora related to corporate life. Most of them are about corporate and business hacks one should know to pull of difficult situation. I have discovered a few points and adding my personal opinions, in this blog, I am going write about some of the best social psychology hacks to use in your business.

Some of the points mentioned here are quite obvious and some other might sound astonishing. However, a couple of them are added in the list out of nowhere. Let’s dive in!


Understand Primacy and Recency

Our brains are made in such a way that we have to recall the first and last items perfectly and the middle items worst. This is the case with everyone. When you watch a film, then you are bound to remember the beginning and ending of the film and the middle part remains fuzzy.

What this means to a business person? This means, when you are giving a presentation or pitching an idea, prepare yourself and summarize the key points at the beginning and at the end of your talk. Because this is what people remember.

Keep your friends close and enemies closer

We often see this quote under the name of Marlon Brando, one of lead actors in Godfather. And this is true. Here is a situation for you. If you are in a group meet and you suspect on someone who might come after you, go sit right next to them. This intimidates the person and it makes him fumble in his actions. This move tends them back off from whatever they are plotting against you and you can calm down.

People who laugh together, stay together

This applies for everyone. Be it business partners or married couples. Well, if you want to find such people in a group, try cracking a joke and see who catches up with you. When someone is laughing at your joke, they instinctively look at the person they feel closest to within a group.

This way, if you want to find out who is close to whom in a group, pay attention to who is looking at each other when everyone laughs at a joke.

The Mirror Effect

The Mirror Effect tip has been hailed by many as a life saver while working with the the customers. Remember that in any customer service, they put a mirror behind you at the counter. Ever guessed why? This is because nobody likes to see themselves as angry and frustrated.

So, the customer care representatives are approached by the angry customers, the chances of them behaving rudely or irrationally or lower significantly are less. This is because no one wants to see themselves act inappropriately.

This also explains why big mirrors are installed in many bars! The whole point here is to cut down the amount of anger by the workers and the customers at the bars and same logic applies for many shops and showrooms. Try doing the same at your workplace. Wink wink.

The silent treatment

The social treatment is one of the best social psychology hacks. There is a saying that says, sometimes the best thing to say is nothing to say at all. This means, you have better chances of closing a deal if you are quiet rather than when you speak too much even though you know more about product you are selling.

To be more precise, imagine a business pitch where you have to deliver a presentation and you have to answer the other person’s questions. At this stage, people tend to stay quiet. But when you stay silent, keep your eyes contacted with the other person who is continually doing the talk.

Foot in the door phenomenon

In social psychology hacks, understand that people are creatures of habit and consistency where they are likely to agree to do a task for you if you have already agreed to do something for you. So, from the next time you have a huge favor to expect help from someone, ask them to do something simpler first.

Much later, when you want help on a project, ask them to proof-read some copy for you. So, if you want to have help on a big project, start small and then seek a bigger favour.

We are all happy

The goal of this blog about social psychology hacks is to make everyone happy. Have you ever thought like you are having a great day and you meet someone grumpy and you start feeling bad suddenly?

This is because, people tend to mirror each other.

If you get yourself into such a situation, try and be genuinely excited and thrilled to see them. Try rubbing your positivity on them and it brings change in them. People tend to remember how you cheered up their day.


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