Top 5 Shocking Things making you UGLY

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Things making you UGLY

In today’s article, I’m going the hard way with you. Why hard way? You ask me. Because I read a ton of articles telling you about to do things that will make you more beautiful, but none of them tells you the cause of it, no one tells the things making you UGLY.

Ladies and gentlemen I always say,”You are the most attractive, handsome and being out there”. But if you want to enhance your handsome to its maximum potential, go on read the article it is for you.

Today we are going to go over ten things that you need to eliminate from your daily ROUTINE.

1. Drinking and Smoking

So the very first thing that is making you UGLY is… you SMOKE.

Here is the deal, if you single handly want to make yourself UGLIER fast, look OLD quickly… start smoking other than that QUIT the shit.

I don’t even see the point of writing it much longer because smoking is bad and you should QUIT. End of the discussion.

I have already mentioned this thing in my earlier article on “7 Daily Rituals/Habits That Make Men More Attractive” and that is Drinking in Excess.

Now if you have read me earlier, you can probably skip this point and jump onto next because I’m going to repeat the stuff.

Can you drink casually? Or can have a beer or a glass of wine? Sure, you can have it. Is it going to be havoc on your skin? No, just make sure that you are hydrated.

But if you are perpetually drinking excess, and you drink a lot then you are in the world of hurt regarding your handsomeness. Drinking in excess reeks havoc on your skin and your complexion. It is also increasing the likelihood that you are going to develop what is known as rosacea.

So let me put this short “It is not good to be Alcoholic”.

2. Eating

You eat like shit.

If you eat like shit then… I mean how much do I need to explain this? It is obvious. If you eat fried food, if you are dumping crappy calorie in your body, sodium, processed food then not only your body is going to reflect it, you are going to be a sloppy mess, but your face is also going to look like shit. You are going to be all swollen, greasy, you probably going to have breakouts.

So guys tighten up the diet, clean it up. I’m not saying to be super freaky about and not even have a cheat meal or go out for a burger or a pizza every once in a while but all the time… it is going to make you UGLY.

3. Looks And Product

Another bad habit of your that is going to make you look ugly for sure is…not taking care of your face.

And how you are going to take care of it, you ask?

Follow this basic regime:

  • Wash your face twice a day
  • Exfoliate your face twice a week
  • Moisturize your face in the morning and the night

Let me tell you something, and that is the sun is fantastic, it feels incredible, and it is lovely to be outside of lake, pool or whatever.

But the reality is the SUN is a bi*ch, and it is coming on to you and pounding you, reeking havoc on that handsome face of yours. But it is not Sun’s mistake. It is just the by-product of its many benefits.

So guys apply Suns cream everywhere on your body when you are outside.


Don’t get me wrong here it is not the water that is making you ugly but the opposite. If you don’t drink enough water… that is your ugly thing number four.

You need to keep yourself hydrated. Why do you ask? Because you are made up of water, and if you don’t drink water you skin reflects it. Your skin doesn’t radiate, and it is not smooth, it doesn’t shine, it is not flexible.

The thing is that if you drink alcohol and caffeine, you strictly need to keep yourself hydrated to counter the dehydration caused by caffeine and alcohol.

So drink up… your WATER.

5. Stress

STRESS will not only make you look ugly but is going to kill you.

You got to be all zen and be meditative to kick that stress. Do meditation and do relax.

You are not shutting your eyes enough.

If you are not getting solid 8-9 hour sleep, then you are probably under stress, and it is your ugly thing number five. If you want your handsomeness or anything of your body to perform at its max, then you need to sleep.

6. Bonus Information

Thing number six that will most surely make you Ugly if you don’t do it and that is…

If you don’t read our blogs. LOL.

I always say this, and this is the truth:

“You are beautiful, handsome, attractive. Keep it simple and keep it that way.”

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