7 Daily Rituals/Habits That Make Men More Attractive

There are a lot of articles and videos about grooming to fitness to the relationship to style to goals that help you feel incredible about yourself because when you feel confident everything starts falling into the right places in your life. But one aspect of life that most of the guys struggle with is their looks and feeling like they are attractive. So in this article, we will identify about seven lifestyle rituals/habits that make men more attractive.

Lifestyle Rituals/Habits that make men more attractive.

1. Get Enough Sleep

I’m just iterating the fact that sleep is the most critical to every aspect of your life be that happiness, health, or attractiveness. Sleep is like the spinal cord of your body. If you don’t take enough sleep things start to fall apart. Your skins look rough, and your eyes start getting dark circles. You might not notice it when you are young, but these things start catching up when you age, and it becomes very much difficult to undo the damage that you are doing right now. So the sooner you start, the better you are going to be and handsome you are going to look.

2. Limit The Amount You Eat

When I say limit the amount you eat I mean you need to get in the habit of preparing cooking the meal of your own at home. There are so many upsides to you making your meal at home.

  • You are going to save money– when you are handsome you need the money to date, so it does kind of correlate
  • Helps to keep weight in-check–  it is tough to keep your diet right and maintain weight if you eat outside a lot.

So, if you want to maintain a lean, sexy physique start making meals at home.

3. Develop Better Posture

The way we use technology, I mean mobile phones, computers to driving car our posture has become terrible. So for your body to have proper posture and alignment, you need to practice. Stand up nice, straight keeping your chest up, shoulder back and walk like you mean it is looking people in the eye, it is so so incredibly sexy and attractive when somebody has good posture. So get your posture straight, and you are automatically attractive than 95.73628% of people.

4. Take Care Of Your Face

You know everybody knows that you have to take care of the face of yours. I mean there are billions and trillions of articles and videos about your skin care. There are fundamental things that you need to follow to have an excellent face:

  • Wash your face twice a day
  • Exfoliate your face twice a week
  • Moisturize your face in the morning and the night

And this is the very basic protocol you need to follow to have a handsome face. But if you want to take it to the next level and make it even more attractive, you can use

  1. Anti-ageing night cream
  2. Anti-ageing serum

5. Workout

I beg you over this; please start working out. Every other article and video tells you to workout, and they are right. I am not saying that workout to have six-pack abs or big pectoral muscles, I mean if you can go for it, but at least get your body physically active. The workout is so important especially when you are in 30’s because in your 30’s you start losing 1% of your muscle each year.

Another thing to keeps in check is your body fat.

Developing the habit of working out is probably the most important thing that you can do to yourself emotionally, physically and psychologically.

6. Limit The Amount Of Alcohol

Limit the amount of alcohol and smoke. But if you want to look super ugly, old, horrible fast and young, please smoke, I dare you. I haven’t seen any young-looking smoker unless they are like 13 years old. Smoking kills your skin; it ruins your body. There is nothing beneficial about smoking.

About alcohol, you need to limit it. Don’t overdo it, don’t develop the habit of drinking a lot because:

  • It reeks havoc on your face
  • It dehydrates you
  • It adds tons of empty calories because when you drink you eat crappy food and it turns into a vicious cycle

So guys chill out on alcohol and eliminate the SMOKING.

7. Be Optimistic

Last but certainly not the least is be OPTIMISTIC. Feeling right about the things around you and expressing that is probably the most attractive thing that somebody can possess. When you are all negative and have this pessimistic kind of attitude like the glass is half empty kind of thing it is filth and it is all over you.

Be cheerful and tell people and encourage the people around you and this my man is the sexiest and most attractive thing that you can do. Here is the deal gentleman you are unique, unusual, one of a kind and most attractive. And these are just seven rituals that you should add to your lifestyle to look even more attractive.

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  1. Applied these lifestyle habits on to my life and I’m already feeling attractive. Thanks for the wonderful article.

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