How to lose weight at home : Tested Method

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You may encounter hundreds of articles on the internet about how to lose weight at home. Most of them claim their method to be the best, but they fail to prove or show results, but today I will tell you a way to lose weight at home, and this a tested method.
Without wasting any further more time lets get started. It is not a diet plan, its a routine or you can say discipline you should follow which surely helps in weight/fat loss and makes you fit.

First of all, you need to start 100 days challenge which will boost your body system to lose weight fast.

How to lose weight at home with 100 Days Challenge:

Before you begin this plan or any other plan ensure to start with this 100 days challenge because below mentioned things are most responsible for your weight/fat gain. If you avoid these things, your plan to lose weight at home will get a big push.

Say NO to following things to lose weight at home:

  • No Chips
  • No Potatoes
  • No Fast Food
  • No Processed Food
  • No Sugar
  • No Chocolate
  • No White Bread
  • No Soda or Juice
  • No Cakes or Donuts
  • No Cookies or Candies

When you gain a lot of weight and become obese ( body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher) You start experiencing problems and become home to a lot of diseases like

  • Knee Pain
  • Tiredness
  • Lethargy
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes,
  • Some Cancers
  • Gallbladder Disease
  • Gallstones
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Breathing Problems
  • and also you Reach the Worst Shape.
    It not only destroy your physical form and organs but also impacts your brain and thinking means fat or obesity not only affects you physically but also mentally. You start feeling depressed and become poor decision maker, you begin doubting self, and your confidence started deteriorating.

Himanshu Sharma initially tested this method(Height: 5 feet 8 inches)

How to lose weight at home : Tested Method 1
Himanshu – Weight: 95 kgs, Body Fat: 29%


How to lose weight at home : Tested Method 2
Himanshu – Weight: 80 kgs,  Body Fat: 18%


How to lose weight at home : Tested Method 3
Himanshu – Weight: 72 kgs, Body Fat: 15%

The method Himanshu followed to Lose weight at home:

Start running, Daily. Maybe like 300 meters. Giving up isn’t an option. After a month run a kilometer in one stretch.

Trust me, the feeling you get after a good run is heavenly. After a month or two, you can join a gym. Perform High-intensity training with good breaks in between (HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training ).
Gym HIIT Workout And Alternatives For Home

The two important things you get from exercising:

  • A great feeling of accomplishment, a sense of pride, and it also improve your confidence and productivity.
  • You stop feeling guilty or pity for yourself for not taking care of your body. Your Health reaches its best state. No junk, no high carb food will make you feel better in the long run.

Himanshu lost 15 kgs in 6 months and 23 kgs in a year. I know it seems to be a minimal amount of weight loss in significant time, but he could have done it faster if he knew the below well in hand. You can lose around 25 kgs in 6 months, that’s half the time he used. Follow method strictly for better results.

Drink warm honey-lemon water just after waking up. It will clear your food pipe, lubricates it. It kick-starts your day and detoxifies your body.
Read: Miracles of Honey Lemon Water: The Elixir?

Try having bananas for breakfast and also before workouts. They give you good instant energy. Carbohydrates are needed to burn fats. When your intake of bananas and eggs whites increases, you got to drink more water daily( kidney stone formation due to excessive proteins).

Run. Like I said earlier start from 300 meters followed by 1 km after a month. If you are obese, begin with brisk walking. Then jog for a km and try to jog long distances gradually ( 5 days a week, give a minimum of 2 days break). Running is the best way to burn fats.

After a run, try having fresh fruit juice(without sugar and water) of different fruits every time. Citrus fruits are also a good option. It also makes your acne, pimples, and marks completely disappear. Avoid banana milkshake.

If you want good body shape, start lifting weights in the gym for an hour or so with 20 mins or more of running (Cardio Endurance training), this flushes the lactic acid ( muscular waste) produced during workouts.

Eating light food every two hours would be more effective than eating heavy food for 4 hours.

Always drink water an hour before and after meals. Drinking water keeps you full hence making you eat less. Drinking water immediately after meals dilutes stomach enzymes (Pepsin and Renin) thus making your digestion ineffective.

Sugar is a slow poison. Sugar makes you look and grow old faster and also cause inflammation in the body. Avoid sugar as much as possible. Most of the things we eat have natural sugar in them, So why to eat artificial sugar which is a poison. Stop eating sugar for a week; you will start feeling changes within a week.

Stop consuming sugar or carbohydrate related food at night. It’s the fastest way to put on weight. Kindly avoid consuming sugar or carbohydrate foods. Take the 100 days challenge and follow it strictly.

Do not eat anything 3 hours before your sleep. Avoid having carb food after 7 pm. Have dinner by 7-8 P.M
Do not eat anything after that not even snacks, especially Maggie.

A piece of Advice:
“Lifelong body insurance is covered by investing 30 mins of workouts every day!”

The base of this article is the diet plan Himanshu followed to lose weight at home.
Original Article – Link.
Himanshu Profile – Link.


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