10 ways to look cooler than other dudes!

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Hello guys. today’s article is all about your coolness. Looking cool is have to battle. In the article, I’m going to give you 10 tips or 10 items which you can wear through which you will automatically or instantaneously look so much cooler than other dudes.


10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 1

Everyone knows that sunglasses are one thing that automatically makes everyone look cool instantly. You can deny the sunglasses because these are probably the first thing that anyone will notice about you because it is on your head.

But there are some specific sunglasses that will make you look cooler than other and that are CLUB MASTER. In my opinion CLUB MASTER are the coolest shades that a dude can wear.

Don’t get me wrong here, I mean wayfarer is cool and it looks awesome. But when I see a dude wearing CLUB MASTER I automatically tend to think that dude means some serious business in term of coolness.


10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 2

The second thing that I will talk is about denim. Everyone knows that denim is an incredible way to look cool. Denim has been there for years and everyone finds it cool, but if you want to take your coolness to next level… GO GREY.


10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 3

Number three we are going to talk about is jackets. I personally am a huge fan of jackets and I think anyone looks BADASS in a good leather jacket. But some leather jackets make you look cooler than other leather jackets.

The motorcycle style leather jacket, in my opinion, is the coolest leather jacket a dude can wear. A motorcycle style jacket with all the zipper and high necks makes you look super-cool while a sleek plain street bike jacket makes for sexy cool.

So it is totally up to you, whether you want to look super cool or sexy cool.


10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 4

When it comes to dress-shirt, white color is basic and a must. If you want something that is snazzier go blue. Blue is more stylish, but if you want to look cool then go BLUE PATTERNED.

The tailored, patterned, blue shirt, in my opinion, is the coolest shirt a dude can wear. Blue looks cool on everybody but the patterns take the coolness to the next level.


10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 5

Dude, you can’t forget the importance of a good undershirt. If you are not wearing an undershirt you look like a hot stinky filthy animal because that is what you look like when you have embarrassing sweat rings underneath your arms.

So invest in a good undershirt. Because a lot of guys face this sweating problem and these kinds of situations can leave you embarrassed and be killing your coolness.


10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 6

This is one of my favorites shoes and when I see a guy rocking a pair of Suede Chelsea it just cuts right through my heart. I’m a fan of all Chelsea and I love each one of them, but there is something about Suede Chelsea that makes me fall in love with them a little more.

7. BAG

10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 7

Number 7 is bag and not just any bag but a super cool man-bag. Most of you now might say that man-bag is for chicks. I say no. When I see a man carrying a bag that is a little bit different from regular messenger bags or backpacks, I know that the man has got style and is cool.


10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 8

Nobody can argue that the suits are not cool. A great suit is just perfection. If you have a great suit you definitely will look cool in it. But if you want to look super cool then go pinstripe or chalk stripe. When I see someone wearing a pinstripe or chalk stripe suite whether it is blue, navy, tan I know the man knows the business. Wearing pinstripe or chalk stripe is another level of coolness plus it takes a lot of confidence to pull it off.


10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 9

Yes, denim shirts. Fitted denim shirts, not the big baggy denim shirts but super sexy fitted denim shirts. How do I know that denim shirts are cool? Because David Beckham rocks the hell out of them and nobody is cooler than David Beckham. And if he does it then we all should probably do it.

Now, you might thing HEY! yo, how can I be cooler than other dudes who have read this article too? And this where tip number 10 comes in handy.


10 ways to look cooler than other dudes! 10

Be yourself because you are amazing, one of a kind and honestly I think you are not just cool but super cool.


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