Top 5 Facts That All Girls Need To Understand Before Turning 25

Being young blood, most of the teenagers stop listening to their parents and adapt mentality that their parents do not know anything about life and don’t understand them at all.

As children reach their teenage life, they go through a lot of changes; physical as well as mental. They go through storms, storms inside their mind. Being young blood, most of the teenagers stop listening to their parents and adapt mentality that their parents do not know anything about life and don’t understand them at all. They think they are cool, smart, intelligent but it is all a phase of the teenage experience. This world is not a fair world, especially for girls. So, all girls need to understand a few things before they get mature.

Top 5 Facts that all girls need to understand before turning 25

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The main problem occurs for girls as every parent is overprotective to their girl child because this is a man’s world. It is unfair, ungrateful, and unequal.

So, Today I will share Top 5 facts that every girl should know before turning 25.

1. Enjoyment


The phase of being young is very temporary. Enjoy it to the maximum while keeping a balance with other things. Know the importance of stuff you do is the only thing that will help you in the future. All your friends, online friends/followers do not matter, doesn’t matter at all. Stop wasting time on them. I do not say you should stop enjoying life and start working as an animal but what I want to say is, enjoy your life with your friends but don’t make them your life as in 20 years – none – not a single one of them would be of any use to your life. Don’t waste your whole life over the enjoyment of a couple of years. Your friend circle will define, make, or break your chances of success.

2. Love


Never trust any man. Most men consider women as sex objects. Moreover, if any man is kind to you, be cautious. You will have to fight for what is right. Additionally, by fight, I mean use your heart, head, and the human spirit in getting things done; not force, noise, or violence. It is an ugly world, and men dominate it. Added to all this – it is unfair to women – biologically, politically, and even where the corporate world is concerned. Learn how to deal with it. When a man wants you – he will move heaven, hell, and earth for you. The day he chooses not to be with you – he will give you hell.

3. Health


Your body will change once you become a mother. So whatever you eat/drink – smoke, alcohol, food, etc. will have its impact in a few years. After you get married and become a mother, all the plans you have made are dead. That is both the tragedy and the blessing of being a woman. After you get married to a man, and he gets what he wants, 99% of everything he promised you and the romantic stuff he does for you would no longer exist. So, it is your life, keep yourself fit and well maintained.

4. Career


Going out with friends in clubs, parties, events all this you would be able to do in your 20’s. After a few years neither would you have the interest nor the inclination to do so? The only thing that would save you in the next 25 years is how much money you can earn, how much of a leader you are, how successful your career is and whom you choose as a life partner. Real men (by real I mean very successful, influential and worthwhile) will never be attracted to the typical young woman. The only ones who will be attracted to you would be the ones you hang around with. Your vision, your purpose, your goals, your action, and your thoughts will determine your future. Decide what matters the most and be ready to go out there to get it. However, be focused and sure because you live only once.

5. Family


Your parents are your real friends, the people who spend money, sacrifice and will do anything for you. Trust them, Respect them. They are your Role Model and Mentor who shapes your future. They always want to see you happy, and they will stop you from doing certain things like time-wasting, smoking, drinking, late-night hangouts, etc. You should listen to them as they are doing this to mold you for your better future. They have more experience with the world than you and knows what is right and what is wrong with you.


Right now some young woman out there is working 100 times harder than you, is more focused than you and is all out to get all the goals, dreams and opportunities you believe are meant for you.
The question arises, do you have what it takes to work hard? Alternatively, is life just meant for you to enjoy?

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