Reasons Why are You Not a Priority in Anyone’s Life?

Don’t get “Good Morning” or “Good Night” messages?
Maybe not even wishes on Special Occasions?
Or maybe birthday wishes from the person you expected?
Now, you may question your priority in people’s life.

Well, Here’s the thing. No one is interested in investing time into you until unless you have something to offer in return.
All relationships are fundamentally based on either greed or needs. When needs are over so does priority.

The only way to deal with this is “Accept it.”
Accept the fact that, the world around you is not what you expect it to be. The sooner you will believe it, the better.

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The problem is we all love ourselves more than other people but care more about their opinions than our own. Which makes us vulnerable to someone’s opinions. We want to get liked by others and want to be treated specially. But when people don’t give you attention or priority, it makes you sad and depressed. You started feeling pity for yourself. (Written by Dhruv on Quora.)

Reasons why are you not a priority in anyone’s life?

What’s your definition of the Priority?

  • “Being treated more important than others.”

Is it right?

Now if someone says that you are their ‘priority,’ do you think this condition holds all the time?
The answer is a BIG NO.

Priority is time-bounded.
You cannot be a priority of someone all the time all life. (Written by Hrishi on Quora.)

Why are you not a priority in anyone’s life?

Most Possible Reasons:

  • You are not a priority in your own life.
  • You are always available. People know you’ll always be there when they need you.
  • They are not proud to have you.
  • You don’t possess anything; they can flaunt in front of others.
  • You prioritize people, who don’t give a damn about you.
  • You let yourself remain an option in their lives.
  • You are valuing people, who don’t value you.
  • You care too much, to the extent that you let others exploit you.
  • You are too good that you don’t get people are taking advantage of you.
  • You are wasting feelings on undeserving people.
  • You are still in bad relationships.
  • You are yet to meet people who are worth keeping.
  • You are always made to feel inferior to them.
  • You don’t know to respect yourself to stop letting them exploit you.
  • You don’t know how to shut doors for people who use you. (Written by Aparna on Quora.)

Reasons why are you not a priority in anyone’s life?

Consider an imaginary example, you were on the road and suddenly met a very dangerous accident, and out of nowhere you are lying down unable to move, and you realize these moments can be your last one. Now someone who’s absolute stranger may well be on their way to the most important event of their life may be their marriage is on next day, maybe their first job interview, maybe the last date to apply for their dream home, or just to their final year exam hall. Or just their husband/wife/children waiting for them at their home.

This stranger already has the highest priority but sees you lying and about to die if they don’t help. At that very moment even though some people on that road are reluctant to come forward, you automatically become THE PRIORITY of this absolute stranger who takes you to the hospital and if required arranges blood for you too. This stranger becomes your lifetime hero.

This thing happen right? Is it becoming a priority of stranger for that moment?

There are lots of wives complaining that they are not the priority of their husband, especially when their husband goes to visit his friends.

But if at that moment if a husbands priority is a friend needing some advice or help maybe at 3 a.m. does that mean his wife is not his priority? The answer is no.

It’s just that moment (or a lot of moments together) that requires topmost attention.

So let’s say one fine day you get married and your wife gives you utmost attention and priority. And after some years your wife gets her baby. Do you think you are the top priority anymore? 😉

So if you were the child of some mother, consider you were already someone’s priority at some point in time.

So if priority is the queen of the chessboard of life, the real king is – the time.

And time changes.

A Piece of Advice:

Don’t give a damn on why you are no one’s priority and put yourself on the top of your priority. Just devote yourself on yourself. Compete with the yesterday’s you to be a better tomorrow’s you. Trust me you will thank me later. Just focus on you. Because ten years later, It’s not sure whether the person whom you want to make into the priority list of, be in your life or not. But you will be, so choose your priorities carefully.

So, in the end, it boils down to the question whether you want to earn respect and meaning in your life or care about what others think about you and whether you are a priority in their lives.

Always care for the people who truly care for you (parents, siblings). You are a real priority for them.

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