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Jack - my pet. All I had in this big city was jack. A good pet with adorable brown hair and light Brown eyes.
Travelling with my Pet

Mumbai, the City of Dreams. I live here in a small flat, alone. I am working in a company.

I returned in the evening from the office, reached my place, and just opened the door of my house.
Jack was waiting for me there silently.

Jack – My Pet.

All I had in this big city was Jack—a good pet with adorable brown hair and light Brown eyes.

He jumped on me and started licking my shirt. Then we both sat together and had some snacks.

The next day –  Friday evening, Jack and I planned to go back to my parents via Bike. It was so a long time since I went to my native place, almost a year.

We were ready by 9 pm. It was very cloudy out there with rain.

JACK was traveling first time with me or even on the Bike. But still, he wasn’t scared at all.
I locked jack into Dog Cage and tied that cage to the back seat of my bike. JACK was staring at me without a blink. Jack was looking cute. Then I started my bike and left my flat.

It was dark, and I was going through the hilly area. I was driving my bike around 40-50kmph. Suddenly a car tried to overtake me and hit my bike, my bike went out of control, and we rolled down from the hill into the jungle side.

We crashed the bike in the jungle, and I was unconscious. When I woke up, I was somewhere in the jungle – but I don’t know where. Fortunately, Jack was also with me. I was still not fully conscious. I just tried to focus on the area to know where I m, but I was clueless.

Slowly I started to get my consciousness back and remembered the last scene when I was rolling down from the hill into the jungle.
I got some injuries and scratches. I was bleeding but fortunately, nothing severe or no bone injuries.
My bike broke. Jack fell out of the dog box. The box smashed into pieces, and a broken bit was stuck into his leg, and was bleeding. I took out the bit and covered that scar with a piece of cloth to stop bleeding.

Then we both started walking towards the jungle. We were hoping for any help.
The jungle was cold and quite. “Sometimes Quietness is very horrible.”
We walked a lot maybe from morning to evening. But we found nothing.
It was almost night. The sun was nearly gone.
I decided to stop there and wait for the next morning.

The weather was cloudy. It was raining all night. We both were wet and hungry feeling cold.
Somehow that night passed.

Next morning was waiting for us with new challenges.
We both were hungry, but we started walking again.
I made a knife with a stone and collected some burning substance for fire.
There was only one thing in my mind, and that was How to get out of that jungle. I was hungry, but that wasn’t my priority.
Jack was with me all the time. He was looking exhausted and hungry.

I tried to start the fire but failed.
The problem was rain. I made a shelter there in the roots of a big tree. We both slept there. That was the second night of us in that jungle.

Early morning when I woke up, I saw that Jack was not there. I shouted his name, but he was not there. I went all around to find him, but I found Jack nowhere.
Maybe he went to find food for himself.
I waited there for the whole day, but there was no clue of jack.

I was out of energy now. I waited for jack all day. I had no other option there.

It was midnight; I heard Jack’s voice. I woke up and started shouting his name. He came slowly towards me. There was a wound. A big scar on his back leg where he already had an injury and not covered piece of cloth.
I guess some animal injured him. He was not able to walk. The wound was massive. I found myself helpless at that time.

JACK was crying with pain. I was scared of that animal also.
Jack was not able to walk at all. His wound was bleeding very badly.

We spend that night without any help. Jack’s condition was terrible.
He wasn’t breathing properly. He was not able to walk.

I felt pity for him and tried my best for his betterment, but there was no option of help.

The next day was bright, and the sun was shining. But jack was crying continuously.

I was also draining, tired too.
Somehow I was able to start the fire.
I was hoping maybe someone would come after seeing the smoke.

But another problem was with Jack. He was entirely in a critical situation.

I was in favor of moving ahead in search of help, but the problem was jack.
He needed some food. His eyes filled with tears. He started whispering. We both were in an uncomfortable situation.

Jack’s lost a lot of blood. His wound was not bleeding now but wasn’t breathing properly.

I heard some noises. Some people were talking. I started shouting for help. People heard me and rushed for help. They gave us water.
Jack was not in a healthy condition. He was not able to drink water.
Then we both shifted to the nearest hospital where jack passed away due to the loss of too much blood.

That was the saddest journey of my life. I was crying and got woke up by the alarm. My eyes were wet, but I thanked GOD that it was just a dream and rushed to see my Dog. Jack was standing outside my room. I hugged him for a few minutes and cried as that dream wasn’t real.

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