How to be a Man in Your 20s?

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As soon as your teenage is over, you are expected to behave like a man. Parents start hoping you to be more mature. What you do in your 20s decides your future. You start wondering how you can behave more maturely or how to be a man in your 20s.

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1. Learn to Say “NO” without Explaining Every Time.

I know, Saying “no” could be one of the most challenging work for you, but trust me it’s better than hanging out with toxic people or doing something that you don’t wanna do.

You must take control of your life. Don’t let anyone drag you to the works which you don’t want to do. Like your friends want to party, but you need to complete your homework, or you have some personal work to do, or maybe you need some time alone.

Just say them “No” without making stupid excuses.

2. Have a Better Society.

Are you still hanging out with those toxic people?

Stop hanging out with people without ambitions or goals. Have your society with successful people, people who have some purpose in life, people who set goals to work for, people motivated as hell.

There is an old saying that “The Five People Closest to you is a direct Reflection of Who you are?”

Sometimes it can be challenging to walk away from your old friends, but it’s needed to allow yourself to grow. None will ever help you when you are broke.

Success or Failure is all yours, and it all depends on the choices you make in your life. None is going or can do anything in that.

3. Think before you Make Decisions.

There are two main decisions everyone needs to make in their 20s:
1. Future Planning.
2. Relationships.

Takes your time while making a decision. Teenage is the age you don’t even think while taking decisions. You just set a goal and start working for it without even giving proper attention or research. The higher your goal is the more time and hard work you need.

You are staying in a relationship just because everyone else is in a relationship?
Cut the crap. You stay in an unhappy relationship in your 20s and pray that things will get better somehow, is one of the stupidest things you can ever imagine.

Don’t get married, or engaged or relationship if you don’t want to. Give it a rest and live. Just be clear about what you are going to do with your life. Future planning is much more important than any temporary relationships.

4. Never Let Someone’s Opinion Become Your Reality.

Don’t give anyone such privileges that they tell you, your dreams are too big for you. You’re in your 20s, the perfect time to do anything.

Don’t let someone judge you because of your age. Making other people’s fear dictate your decisions. Sometimes, people who tell you that you can’t do something because they are scared to do something in their life.

Most of the times people don’t even try to improve themselves because they’re too afraid of failing and are scared of what others will think about them.

5. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others.

Comparing yourself with other people based on their physical appearance or wealth is nothing but disrespecting yourself.

Why will someone respect you if you don’t respect yourself?
Stop Comparing Yourself with Others.
Deciding you’re worth based on your social media likes is the new trend.
It’s ok if you don’t get 100 likes.
It’s ok if you don’t have thousands of followers.

Sometimes the people with most likes and followers are the loneliest.
Always comparing yourself to your friends or someone else is complete garbage. It’s not a contest because sometimes the best things take struggle and time to happen.

6. Take some time to heal.

This is something big. You don’t need to be okay at all the time. Never completely ignore your pain/feelings. Acknowledge it.

You just got a bad day or just got dumped? Take your time to show your emotion and feel sad and pain. Your emotions are real, don’t ignore yourself because that may cause more problems and pain in your future.

It’s very normal for everyone to feel sad, and it’s good for your growth. You don’t need to be happy and jumping at all the time, and it’s quite impossible. Always acknowledge your feelings; just don’t let anything eat you from inside.

7. Afraid to ask for help.

Asking for help from someone is not a men weakness; asking for help makes you human.

Asking for help can help you in many different ways. You can’t just pour out of an empty cup, so make sure every time you require yourself the help that you need to take care of yourself.

8. Stop Thinking that you need to know everything right away.

You don’t need to know everything just because you are a man; nobody knows everything. I’m sure that your parents are also still making any mistakes and learning from them.

Nobody is perfect so stop holding yourself to any such high standards. Life is short and will go on and if you don’t find the way to make the time traveling possible in the first six months out of your college.

Just keep Working on discovering yourself every time, and then you can make use of what you’ve learned about yourself since now and to be the most effective person at what you’re good at.

9. Be a Reader.

If you can replace at least a small part of aimless sitting in front of your TV or computer with a habit of reading any useful books, I bet, you will become the most educated and knowledgeable person among your friends.

There is a quote from the Mark Twain: “A person who does not any read good books has nothing advantage over a person who just cannot read.”
Reading should be one of your essential rules.

10. Maintain your Health.

Lack of doing any physical activity destroys everyone’s health. If you are arguing that you do not get any time for exercise, you will require to find some time for an illness sooner or maybe later.

Your health is your best achievement. Never go for consecutive three days without doing any exercise.

Deciding that you’ll only do something when you have the necessary money or lose weight.
That’s a very terrible mindset. Often have you not done something because you don’t think that you can afford it, but you can somehow provide a $4 coffee every day? It’s all about the prioritizing and for deciding what’s important.

You shouldn’t do any things when the external conditions are ‘perfect’ because if you wait for the perfect time or the perfect money in your account or the perfect weight on the scale, then your things will never happen. Just do it, who cares if you’ve got a little bit extra roll in your dress.

11. Learn to Accept your Mistakes.

Look up for your way, not about what society dictates to you.
You got one Life; use every chance. One can not simply win at first try every time. Everyone makes mistakes. So will you, Learn from it. I, no more, try to get liked by everyone around.

Acting as you’ve never done any wrong.
Dude, being wrong or making mistakes is okay. Being wrong is a way to learn for the next time. You don’t need to be the right person in the room because then you may don’t have anyone or anything to learn something from.

Keeping an open mind and accepting when you’re any wrong so you can learn the same mistake for next time.

12. Choose Respect over Love.

For you, and for me, respect should be much more important than love. If she keeps saying that she loves you more than any other person else in this world and maybe she does, but, she keeps insulting you and never appreciates what you do for her time to move on.

Respect and love always should go hand in hand. No respect should mean no real love.
Sorry, no more compromises!

13. Get over Dependency Issues.

Never depend on anyone or think someone is just dependent on you. You are good enough. So are others. End of the line.

Don’t let someone’s opinion become your reality. Know your worth. Be your biggest fan. Take some time to love yourself and see your self-worthiness for yourself. You’re an awesome man. Feel it, love it and accept it. No one can define your self-worthiness except for you.

And also, Never depend too much on someone. Never overestimate your value in any one’s life. The world will keep on moving with or without you. Noone’s life will stop if you are not there. So, stop overestimating your value in any others life.

14. Don’t be a Quick Judge.

Stop judging the shit out of everyone every time.

Nobody is perfect, no one. So Stop being that critical of others. People will mess up, fail, take ugly photos. It’s all just part of life; it’s just how it is and not how it should be. \

Nobody is perfect so kindly stop judging someone because a person wore the same dress out two-three times in one month. It’s not the end of the world.

15. Break Comfort Zone.

The comfort zone is the place where all the dreams die because nothing great for you ever happens in there.

Things are just protected and safe; there’s no place for failure and growth & change. Leave your safe/comfort zone, fail, learn, live, then go pick yourself up and do it again until you stop failing and start becoming a successful Person.

16. Get Busy Doing.

You are always talking about improving your lifestyle but never doing anything about your life. Make a list, prioritize the shits you need to do to reach out your goals and set a deadline.

Hold yourself being accountable and if you’re not capable of holding yourself accountable then find someone for you in your life who will. Forcing yourself to do things in a limited amount of time, or else you may never accomplish anything in your life.

Extra Advice: Learn to Invest.

The difference between a rich and a middle-class man is the budget allocation. The rich man knows about the difference between needs and wants. Whereas, a middle-class person saves his money to purchase something.

A rich man spends almost 25% on his needs, 10% on what he wants in life, and almost invests up to 65% of his income. But a middle-class man spends more than 55% on his needs, and 40% on what he wants in life, and invests less than about 5%.

Look, becoming financially free is all about your budget allocation. Your goals should always be to reduce your Needs and Wants and increase your investing.

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